Believe it or not, the difference in tone between these two images is this one image (below)


with a bit of lowering of opacity and a change in blending mode – cue shock and surprise… possibly even some horror. We’re thus left with this concoction in our midst.


Goin’ for The Throat

That Northern Lights looking image I just happened to have seen on The Guardian’s website -ah didn’t even bother looking any further, just ripped it the f$%^ out and proceeded as normal. Enjoy.

So, you’d think I now discovered building images through the layering of texture and blending modes the way I’m working these days.

Anyway found image is always fun to work from/with. Whether it’s collage, matte painting or other. I suppose it’s like those who produce beats. You find something you like or you see potential in and you take it a bit further.

Remixing and reappropriating the existing, thus making something new, changing the view and the experience.

Hopefully some, if not all of that made sense.

Otherwise just smile and look at the pictures, or frown but keep it upside down.

Give this a listen too, some good friends of mine put me on to this. Was not at all disappointed.

Irie folks,

Keep Blazing


Stay Amazing!

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