Studio Visit II

Studio Visit II

G’day all!

And good news – As the title of today’s post suggests, you’ll get a look at the progression of the studio – which I’ve moved into as of 2 days ago.

I also have some assorted bits and pieces for your eyes to fuck with.


Painting the frames for the window mesh.

So now that I’ve moved into the space, here’s the current set up and what I’m currently doing.



Here’s the painting corner where I attempted to heat oil paint at the top of my canvas, in hopes that it would run down the page (I know, right?!).



Which would work fine, if it weren’t for the fact that the medium that I was working with was actually oil paint which tends to be rather thick.


Hahahaha – Fail!

So of course, having failed that – I shall next be employing the traditional wax crayon method i.e. replacing the oil paint at the top of the page with crayons.

I’m on a long road back to using traditional mediums to create work but also a fun one – I think.

For the interim, you can have a look at some other ideas I’ve been hashing out of late, digitally.

Mixed Media - for web

Irie folks,

Keep Blazing


Stay Amazing!

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