High Maintenance

This post was actually scheduled for August 2014 but for whatever reason I never finished up. Anyway I’ve seen ‘High Maintenance’ gain more and more press recently and thought I’d just post this anyway.

I’d like to introduce those of you who aren’t yet familiar with pseudo intellectual, web series High Maintenance featured on Vimeo.

I came across this series in June when I was looking for something to watch while I work. Many thanks to the Guardian for leading me to this article regarding the counter cultural, hipster New York mini series that is, ‘High Maintenance.’

I think I was so taken by these shorts (about reefer but not specifically about reefer), that it didn’t take me very long to commence a fact finding mission. I just really wanted to see what (apart from the obvious) inspired the creative minds behind this quaint idea..

Fortunately since then, Vice published an article about High Maintenance. David Bienenstock interviews the brains of the outfit, married couple Katja Blichfeld and Ben Sinclair..

I love the way you portray marijuana users – their diversity and complexity – without falling back on any tired, old stereotypes. Do you ever consider marijuana itself a sort of character on the show?

It’s funny that you ask that, because on the way here we were trying to brainstorm some ideas for stories, and that was part of our discussion: how to regard weed and its usage in this new cycle of episodes. I think it’s more on our minds now than it used to be. In the past we’d start with the characters and try to work in a way that they would use weed, or the reason they’d have it in their lives.

Sinclair: Yeah, typically we put in the interaction with The Guy last when we create our stories. The whole thing we feel about pot is that it just is. But people’s reactions to pot are varied.

Blichfeld: We personally are both regular marijuana users, and I think the way we portray it is pretty much reflective of our feelings about it. And that includes times where we feel like maybe we’re smoking too much, and not just for financial reasons. Perhaps we’re smoking to avoid dealing with personal issues, or some adult responsibilities that we’re not looking forward to having to face. But ultimately we use it as medicine, to relieve stress and to enhance our creativity….’

‘The Creators of High Maintenance Are High And Eating All The Snacks In Vimeos Office’

The following video which is their latest episode to date, weird, whack and totally abstract.

I do like it though. Not wanting to give away too much, I’ll just say I dig the lifestyle the protagonist’s lives, his setup and routine – minus the cross dressing. Not that I have an issue with cross dressing, I’m just not into it personally.

I enjoyed the rather thoughtful dialogue between the protagonist and his wife at the end; as well as with his dealer when he’s greets him adorning a dress.

The use of Conan Mockinson’s ‘I’m The Man That Will Find You‘ just seems appropriate somehow.

Below is a more recent BlouinArtInfo interview with the two creators of the show.


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