Le Lotus Bleu!

I have a feeling that this just might be the beginning of a short series.

Le Bleu [Web]

Herge’s Tintin comic illustrations are evidently ideal for tatting bodies in my own illustrations. I grew up being a big fan of the Tintin comics, I still (despite the author’s issues with race) enjoy them to this very day.

I wanted to do more work looking at escapism – Hence her stockings, depicting a scene from The Blue Lotus, where Tintin stumbles/infiltrates an opium den on one of his adventures in China.

The rocket featured in Destination Moon and it’s sequel, I thought was more than ideal for this illustration. An overt reference for getting high.

The Shooting Star reference – because the stars clearly look like giant shrooms, albeit one’s that you might not necessarily consume for good feels, but for the illustration I think they work.

And now for something different.

Irie folks,

Keep Blazing


Stay Amazing!


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