Pretend That We’re Dead


Continuing with the whole Tintin motif with the tatts and so far I feel mostly pleased with the progression.

Especially when I consider the direction that I was taking the illustration earlier.

Early Concepts

Soooo glad I changed direction..

I’ve been enjoyin the dark themes recently – I was going for something of the East Asian occult at first but then decided to take a turn.

I’ve always been quite fond of the visuals i.e. their art style that accompany the Mexican people’s festival, ‘Day of The Dead.’

Need I say more?

While the elephant isn’t quite in keeping with the theme of the other tatts, it fits the shoulder so snug and beautifully, that I couldn’t just not slap it on there.

I reckon I have a few more tattoos and a bit more face paint to add before I can finally call time.

I know, you’d think that I’d play L7’s, ‘Pretend That We’re Dead.’ – and as I write this line, I question myself, “Why not, self?”

To which, I receive no reply.

Irie folks,

Keep Blazing


Stay Amazing!


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