Royalty [Album Art]

G’day folks!

Today Barbadian artiste, Teff, dropped one of his latest tracks, Royalty feat. Komi. I was commissioned to do the artwork for that particular track.

Teff Mayweather - Royalty - HgFields

Royalty – Teff (feat. Komi)

Doing work for people with vision is always a treat, and a treat that one is not always guaranteed with each and every client. Hence working with Teff has thus far been an enjoyable experience.

What’s Royalty? That’s what Teff is asking in the first track off of his upcoming sophomore album, Departure Lounge. “We live in a place where many of us see ‘status’ as success,” said Teff. “Royalty lets go of that. For me, its about why we do what we do…living our purpose and staying true to ourselves.”

Keep your ears to the ground because I know this chap has plenty more music coming your way – yes, and more music means, more illustrations!

KomiNkosi’s vocals I find at times, fully remind me of those of Mykal Rose and/or even Jr. Reid. Which work well between the verses and on top of that lovely, gritty reggae/rap beat.

In any event, remember that voice though, for I believe we’ll be hearing more of it in the future.

The music production for Royalty was handled by – none other than Barbados’ response to Mark Ronson and The Alchemist – Mohamed Haniff.

Today’s featured track –

Royalty – Teff (Feat. Komi)

Irie folks,

Keep Blazing 


Stay Amazing!

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