The Devil Wears Little Make-up



Well I’ve been doing well to avoid the news of recent. I’m on one of my, ‘don’t follow the news for a few days’

I like following the news as much as the next person, to know what’s happening and to know why the world is particularly cocked up in the way that it is, at any given time.

Every now and then, I need a break –  as I imagine everyone else does the same.

In the morning yesterday, I went out for a bit and while doing such I came by a television that was turned on to CNN – you know me, I stay away from anything named 24 hour news network or essentially any news airing on said television.

Anyway, fortunately the sound was off but geez, you can’t escape the sensationalist, scaremongering headlines regarding Iran and imminent nuclear threats. I don’t know – I paraphrase, so in a way, I sort of do get away in the end.

This coming off the back of last week when warmongering, Benj Netanyahu was in the U.S. stirring up more trouble in his region. I say his region, meaning the Middle East – not that he owns the whole region yet.

In any event, I had gripe with the right-wing Zionist leader for some years, so it was only a matter of time before I would commence work on an illustration of said lunatic.

Irie folks,

Keep Blazing


Stay Amazing!

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