Smoking Hot: Meet One Of The World’s Leading Marijuana Activists

Smoking Hot: Meet One Of The World’s Leading Marijuana Activists.

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SAUCY chef Mary Jean Dunsdon gives new meaning to pot roasts – baking a range of CANNABIS infused dishes

With the help of her elderly MUM, the 35-year-old, who goes by the name Watermelon, uses weed buds to tempt taste buds with everything from marijuana infused ice cream and burgers to margaritas.

She even hosts her own online baking show, “Baking A Fool Of Myself” where she entices viewers with her sultry Nigella Lawson-style cooking.

“When Watermelon started baking with marijuana I went out and bought a big fat book on cannabis so I could understand it better and feel comfortable helping her.

“She educated me about how to use it and I saw that it’s not about going out and getting stoned.”

“There’s such a beautiful spectrum, this umbrella of marijuana that’s about to open up to the world.

“It’s going to be an exciting time with a lot of giggly people and that can’t be too bad.”

Last January I was ranting on how legalisation of cannabis in the West Indies would probably strengthen our ailing economy not only as agricultural export but also in giving our tourism package a much needed boost.

This time around I’ll be brief.

I’m a culinary enthusiast and as such I love to cook and I do so regularly. One thing that I’d love to do more than anything is open a kitchen that sells ganja infused cuisine.

This I’d imagine would receive a fair amount of patronage.

Of course instead of striking while the iron is hot, we shall wait until the rest of the world legalises. Only then will we get on board, and it is only then that I would be able to run such a business.

That’s how it works where I reside.

Legalise it you fucks!

It’s good to see Jamaica is making an effort but I hope to see more in the region do the same.

Until then..

Irie folks,

Keep Blazing


Stay Amazing!

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