Taking A Break

Not from blogging again, mind.

I decided several days ago that I would take a break from THC, as in taking a short tolerance break before 4/20…

….starting today.

You Did Not Render

Computor is not actually Geedorah… cut me some slack.

I know for the next few days, my mind (particularly when it’s time to go to bed) will think this was a horrible April Fool’s joke that’s overrun its course.

I haven’t taken one in a long time but they’re really quite good, I find. While not necessary, it’s nice to show sceptics that you can exist/survive being alive and conscious without the aid of Mary Jane – I always say, “I can quit if I want to, but I really don’t want to.”

Shrooming Under A Whispering Moon Web

“Shrooming Under A Whispering Moon” Some illustrations are more experimental than others.

Usually the first day is the hardest, then the second but by the third day everything seems to resume as normal.

On the bright side however, I’ve taken up running, which I have always found to be rather boring unless it was chasing behind a ball, but with the right incentives (apart from staying healthy, which one would think should be enough) it can actually be quite fun.

Irie folks,

Take A Break


I Can’t Rhyme!

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