In The Words Of A Madman…

Somebody's Doing The Raping_Web

While Donald Trump is looking to point fingers at the Mexicans for “sending,” drug dealers, murderers and rapists to the U.S.

It seems highly possible/plausible that Bill Cosby may be responsible for a fair few sexual indiscretions himself –  according to recently released court documents dating back to 2005, Cosby was found to have admitted to the use of quaaludes for his rapey designs on the women he slept with.

Disney recently dropped Cosby’s statue for his recently publicised indiscretions. NBC also distanced themselves from Cosby, like Bill, Trump’s also been dropped by NBC for his strong racist views which ironically seem to be actually giving this hopeful candidate some traction with the racist electorate.

Things in Trump’s camp seem to be a lot brighter than Cosby’s. and I must say I’m actually quite thrilled.

I’d truly like Trump to run for president right up until the end – I can’t possibly imagine he’d find enough votes to actually compete with the democratic candidate.

I have enough (possibly/hopefully not misplaced) faith in the American electorate.

As it stands, I can’t go about spouting that Sr. Cosby is absolutely guilty of rape – Bill has yet to be charged – but in the words of a madman, dear old Donald, “Somebody’s doing the raping, Don…. Well, who’s doing the raping?”

Irie folks,

Keep Blazing


Stay Amazing!

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