Ladies Inna Di Red

A little while ago I announced that I’m back from vacation. The lackadaisical manner in which I’ve been posting (or not posting to be accurate) since, might suggest otherwise. I’m happy to say that this lack of diligence can be owed to the fact that I’ve been busy working on several other projects at the moment.

I’ll be able to show off a few of those pieces before year’s end, then the remainder before the end of the first quarter next year.

The gears continue to turn, slowly but such is that.

Excuses aside, I can share with ye the start of a new short series of illustrations that I’m working on for the gallery called, “The Ladies Inna Di Red.”

Secret Ambitions

Secret Ambitions

I’ve only recently been made aware of the following track, maybe two weeks ago. I like the tune, while I haven’t listened to it excessively to the point of not liking it any more. The video, I almost enjoy more than the music itself – the powerful visuals and cinematography to say the least are on point.

Irie folks,

Keep Blazing 


Stay Amazing!

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