Tintin In Tatts

As this series draws to a close,

Those of you following me on Instagram would have gotten two sneak peeks of the work I’ve been recently developing for the Tintin In Tatts series.

Of course if you’re not following this HG on IG then I’d encourage you to do it already.

At the time of writing, I just posted a sneak peek of one of my pieces in progress – what I’d considered at first to be the final illustration in my Tintin In Tatts series.

You can go ahead and preview it there on my Instagram right now.

It’s been an entertaining run so far and I’m not quite ready to end it as yet. Thus I’m going to see if I can possibly push out a few more before I actually call it quits.

In the mean time, the below illustration named after one of the best/(my favourite) pieces of yet to be recorded music that only I and a chosen few have had the privilege of ever hearing.

I hope one day that everyone can hear it..

Now, truth be told I honestly can’t get enough of Mac Demarco’s vibes – seriously, I’ve been leaving this guy’s albums on repeat for the last few days – quite ridiculous, really.

So I’m giving youAnother One!

Irie folks,

Keep Blazing


Stay Amazing!

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