A Few Days In Already But…

I’d like to wish you all a Happy New Year all the same! In fact, technically the year is yet new.

Also, a pinch and a punch, first blog for the month and no returns.

I was working right into the new year on an ongoing project, i.e. album art for a track.

We Don't Wait For The Summer_WP_HG_Blog

‘We Don’t Wait For The Summer’

So here’s this insane new track that I’ve had the pleasure of doing the illustration for and it’s come fresh out of Barbados, today! This joint dropped by one, Teff Hinkson.

The same chap that dropped ‘Royalty’ last March, also has an album that should be dropping in the not, far too distant future, I gather.

I was privy to the music from early on given my task at hand and truth be told it really didn’t take long at all for this tune to grow on me. Teff’s thoughtful, truthful and relevant, socially conscious lyrics really hit home in this on.

The music was also produced by a dear old friend of mine who’s got some unreal talent when it comes to building a beat, a mood, a vibe that I imagine we’ll be hearing a lot more of as the year progresses.

The video itself, was also done by some other local talent that I hope to see more from as time goes by!

Tomorrow’s post will be a reblogged piece from Vox that will give Wednesday’s post, context.

So, swing by on Wednesday, it’s an after school special – with new art from my ‘Tintin In Tatts’ series!

Oh! And I heard a cry for, “more merch, more merch please, H.G?!”

No worries, good news for you lot in a few days.

Irie new year folks,

Keep Blazing


Stay Amazing!


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