Throwback Thursday: The Munchie Games: Mocking J

& Laughing Budha – Gudha Cheese. My hunger games play on words piece isn’t a throwback but the central part of it was a re-purposed throwback. Much like the Gudha Cheese wheel, spiel. Time to take a trip back in time. Ah – news regarding recently released merch at Redbubble, also!

If anyone remembers this blog a few years back I used to use this little doodle as my blog’s avatar.

HG Profile Pic

Majesty [2011]

I later used this one for a reinvention of the POTUS seal, I can only imagine in reference to some cannabis legislature or referendum at the time.

08 - Custodite Ardentisqu Et Sustinente Prodigiosus

Custodite Ardentisqu Et Sustinente Prodigiosus – Keep Blazing and Stay Amazing

I on the other hand, modified the seal to read my mantra and blog’s sign off phrase, in Latin. As you can see featured in the centre is the bird’s head replacing the bald eagle’s, clutched in its talons are a bunch of pre-rolls and in the other, a piece of bud. Adorned with cannabis seeds above its head and surrounded by ganja leaves.

Several years later and I’ve once again re-purposed it for what was initially going to be a simple business card evolved into something much different. A happy accident as Bob Ross would say.

Mocking-J Alt_HG_Web

The idea was already in my head to be fair. Several months ago I found myself quite tickled at the film title, The Hunger Games: Mockingjay. I was thinking, one would be hungry after smoking a J.  At first I would go with the “The Munchie Games: The Smoking J” but strangely opted for Mocking-J in the end.

I’m thinking now, that I might look to finish an idea I had for cannabis branding back in art school days.


Gudha Cheese - Laughing Budha_HG_Web

Laughing Budha – Gudha Cheese

You see? A play on words and the lark. Anyone recall, ‘The Laughing Cow” cheese brand? Are you familiar with the strain of cannabis called, ‘Budha Cheese??”

Concept Names

Starting to see where this was going?

Now before you start asking, who is this demographic of stoners who love cheese? I’ll show you because they exist. And I like what they’re doing, living out my well constructed ideas…

It was a great idea – I was a visionary, surely

03 Gudha Cheese - Laughing Budha

I forgot better ideas than some ever thought of.

I actually kid with that last caption, just referencing Kanye West. I should actually just put the title as some misleading click-bait piece, using Kanye West’s name to sell the post.

There you go.



Merch News!

Hey and good news in the merch department. Today’s featured piece is now available in variety of !

The Munchie Games_IG

We have our apparel, mobile phone/ipad cases and there are throw pillows, mugs, stationary, stickers and bags –

and of course that’s all at

Irie folks,

Keep Blazing


Stay Amazing!

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