H.G. Fields Presents: Black History Month; Bob Marley’s Birthday

Today I want to give thanks to the universe for bringing such a talent into this world and in my eyes a modern day prophet. Taken away from the realm of the living all too soon, Bob Nesta Marley died several years before I was born.

  • Bob Marley Illustrations

As usual, I’m pretty sure that I’ve posted the following videos here before but they’re still relevant.

As you can see the video is title Land Of Look Behind, “the best part.” And to be fair it was one of my favourite parts of this documentary on Jamaica around the time of the passing of Bob Marley. I’d highly recommend giving that documentary a go, as you see the impact he had on many of countryman and you also get an idea of what JA was like, culturally in the early 80’s, with the beginning of Dub the predecessor of Dancehall, both subsets of Reggae.

There’s also a live studio recording session with Jacob Miller as well as interviews with a really young Mutubaruka and Gregory Isaacs – the full film is on YouTube, there’s a legit fair bit of history to be learned there.

I’m not going to write about Bob, I said what I wanted to in the illustration. I’d just recommend rolling up a fat one or several and get to watching any or all of the documentaries on the Lion, Tuff Gong himself.

Happy Earthday to the prophet and the stone that the builder refused, Bob -the head corner stone- Marley!

Irie folks,

Keep Blazing


Stay Amazing!

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