Black History Month: Hit Us With The Crack And Guns In the Early 80’s

This black history month is actually quite fun and interesting to me from the angle that I chose to approach it. The title of this post, aptly put is actually a line from Wu-Tang Clan’s, “I Can’t Go To Sleep” which in itself is a timeless tune, more relevant now to me at my age than when I first heard em lyrics at twelve years old.

Who were they referencing in that line about crack and guns? Could be Ron. Reagan and the F.B.I – could be.

That was a lovely edit of original video of Ron and Nancy’s plea to the U.S. citizens to stop using/abusing drugs – except for the blacks of course.

Let's Make America Great Again

So, sure Reagan isn’t black but he gets a special mention this black history month for his (destructive) contribution to the black community, when he ramped up the effort of the war on drugs. In short, he had a strong hand in keeping the peop


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