H.G. Fields is tradigital fine artist moonlighting as an illustrator, hailing from the West Indies. Since finishing art school at Central Saint Martins, London, UK some six years ago, he’s been making art that relates to several of his interests which he also draws inspiration from, such as pyschonautics, cannabis culture, counter culture, pop surrealism and sociopolitical art.

He works primarily with print, aided by a graphics tablet and photoshop, mediums he finds versatile, and best capture his motif. Central to which invokes the examination of the cultural and societal ramifications behind the war on drugs, and race relations.

Part of the Fields work ethic involves juggling works; he believes that it keeps his mind fresh, allowing for a concurrent stream of work that add, and feed off each other. So his collections carry with them consistent, and culturally themed pieces, which together form a tapestry of complimentary forms.

While influences – and consequently, style and technique – generally change quite often, he attributes his affinity for the surreal and absurd to such literary works as Alice in Wonderland and wacky cartoon shows from his youth. Likewise, he has been influenced throughout his years of study and practice by artists such as: Salvador Dali and Kenny Scharf for surrealism and pop surrealism. Also Cherry Samba and Van Arno for their use of symbolism in their often allegorical paintings. Finally it could be said that Doug Benson’s (2008) documentary style film, ‘Super High Me’ may very well have been the catalyst that got him onto the notion of combining cannabis with his artistic practice.

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